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    October 25, 2013 by lauratwblcoll

    I think that in a few years there will be an iphone 6 and it’ll be even more smarter than all the other ones now. There will be even more smart phones and they’ll be really popular and it’ll all develop in a short time. Laptops will become more smarter and efficient also an even bigger lines of ipad’s.

  2. Argument

    October 18, 2013 by lauratwblcoll

    7A is the best class because their percentages are very high and they have good percentages. we got a very good percentage of stamps which means we are co-operative and nice to teachers. We are smart and we do very well in class.

  3. Report

    October 11, 2013 by lauratwblcoll


    I went pretty well, and I wanna aim for more highs.


     it was ok and I wanna get it better.


    It was ok and I wanna get it better.


    It was alright I guess but I want to work on it and aim for highs next time


    It was terrible, I don’t know why though. But I guess I should have done better…


    I went good, and I’ll aim for more highs.


    I went pretty well I just want to get a bit better next time.


    I went pretty bad, so my aim is to become better at it and be more gooder.

  4. Ilearn :'(

    September 20, 2013 by lauratwblcoll

    We learn’t about cybersafety in ilearn today.

    we saw pictures of peoples accounts from our school that weren’t safe and we watched a video about a girl leaving her front door open to any pedophiles.

    We learn’t to put all of our social accounts on private and not give out any personal information.

  5. September 10, 2013 by lauratwblcoll

    Where does our water come from? It comes from the Otway forest.


    -storage basins to settle sediment.

    -dissolved air flotation.

    -removal of contaminants.


    -clear water storage.

  6. French

    September 6, 2013 by lauratwblcoll

    I learn’t how to count In French in French.

  7. Science. :|

    July 19, 2013 by lauratwblcoll

    Today we did something on our laptops.

    We made a food web. We had to match up all of the animals, plants and decomposers.

    There is Herbivores, Omnivores and carnivores.

    A herbivore is something that eats plants. A Omnivore is something that eats plants and animals. A carnivore is something that eats meat.

    In the food web it had a model of what would have happened in the next 10-25 years, I watched as the model showed what would happen over the years, the numbers increased and also decreased.

    In my ecosystem I had: Plants, Decomposers, flying fox, snakes, insects, galah, Quoll and Wren.

    After I had done the model I added a cat into the ecosystem and did a model including the cat.

    The numbers decreased a whole lot as soon as the cat was added in.

    After that I deleted the cat from the ecostystem and then made the rainfall to “drought” and then the numbers decreased even more.


  8. Rock Cakes

    June 25, 2013 by lauratwblcoll

    Rock cakes


    1 & 1/2 cups of s.r flour.

    1/2 tsp mixed spice.

    1/3 cups of butter.

    1 egg.

    1/4 cup of milk.


    1. Sift the flour and mixed spice into a large bowl.

    2. Rub in butter into the flour and spice. It is ready when it resembles breadcrumbs.

    3. Add raw sugar mixed fruit with the flour mixture and stir.

    4. Mix milk and egg together in a small jug.

    5. Pour milk and egg mixture into flour using a wooden spoon stir until combined.

    6. Pace 12 even spoonful’s of mixture onto your greased trays (3 rows of 4)

    7. Bake for 15-20 minutes. They are ready when they are light golden brown in colour.

    8. Cool rock cakes on wire rack to cool down before presenting your best three on a small white plate.

  9. Electronics steady hand game.

    May 29, 2013 by lauratwblcoll

    My steady hand game is very simple.

    All you have to do is keep it off the lines, I used a battery, buzzer, lights ect. My design is just a smily face winking, it’s very simple.

    The design on the bottom is just a random pattern.

    I had to connect alot of wires and solder them all together but that was very easy, although it took me a long time to make it because we missed out on alot of our lessons.

    I had alot of fun making the steady hand game.

  10. Wordle for science.

    May 27, 2013 by lauratwblcoll

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